Things I Would Buy If I Didn’t Have To Pay Rent started in 2016 as a way to turn a procrastination habit of online browsing into something productive and useful for other people. Finding and writing about interesting/beautiful secondhand stuff on the internet is how I relax and, because the machine of consumerism is inescapable, I try to figure out how to use it to my advantage (ie ogle and not purchase).

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Hi, I’m Anna Gray. I have a vintage shop called Club Vintage. It’s a department store for 50 different vintage and secondhand sellers. It’s in The Seaport in Manhattan.

I write, I find vintage, I style stuff, I model, I use my big brain to think about responsible consumerism, fashion theory, inventory systems and a lot of other stuff. I also used to have a company called Object Limited and I’ve worked in fashion for 15 years.

I have really good taste.

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Scouring the Internet for you.


Writing about why we buy what we buy. Also finding beautiful used things.